Losing baby teeth can be a bittersweet milestone for children and parents, a sign that children are growing up, and a chance for families to bond over common experiences. Losing teeth can be uncomfortable and can be intimidating for young children, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 7 things that can help parents support their child in setting up lifelong habits for good oral health, as they celebrate a special milestone with their child.

Baby tooth loss can be a family event

Parental involvement in baby tooth loss can be helpful in identifying any needs if they arise. This can be accomplished in fun ways that make memories for the whole family when your child loses baby teeth.
The Tooth Fairy is one tradition that can help parents make this milestone special and fun.

Baby tooth loss can be and opportunity to empower your child

Helping your child take ownership of their dental health naturally can be revisited together as they start losing baby teeth. Parents can empower children to learn how to be responsible for their dental hygiene, express their needs and actively take part in the baby tooth loss process. This is the perfect moment to discuss good care of adult teeth, and how those are here to stay. This is a good chance to discuss the different things that affect teeth, such as routines, habits, and food choices.

Baby Tooth Loss can be uncomfortable

It is normal for there to be some bleeding after loss of a baby tooth. A cheerful response can help encourage your child that this is a normal part of this milestone, and minimize panic or fear that can occur when losing baby teeth. You can help your child gargle warm water to clean the area, and remind them to brush gently around that space as the new tooth comes in. This will reduce any irritation on the exposed gum area.

Children generally lose teeth from ages 6-12, but in some cases can lose them as early as 5 or as late as 13. If your child loses teeth much earlier than that, if they have injuries or cavities that cause lost baby teeth, or their tooth loss seems delayed, stop by our Fort Worth, Weatherford, Granbury, Azle or Aledo dental offices for an appointment to discuss your concerns. The Dentist may be able to help assess the situation and answer your questions about how to best meet your child’s needs. Regular 6 month cleanings are another good opportunity to keep track of how they are losing baby teeth, and talk with your child’s dentist about their oral health and development.