This year is the 75 anniversary of one of the biggest breaks in preventative dentistry: Fluoride in water!

The History of Fluoridation

Following a study by Dr. Frederick McKay into children whose teeth were stained with what was called “The Colorado Brown Stain,” but who maintained a very low rate of cavities, it was discovered that naturally occurring Fluorine in the water supply was having this effect. After bringing this to the attention of Greene Vardiman Black, it became of interest to the dental community. In 1945 after much testing and confirming, Grand Rapids Michigan became the first city to fluoridate its water supply. After this was enacted the children in Grand Rapids had a 60% drop on cavities!

National Children’s Dental Health Month

This National Children’s Dental Health Month, February 2020, we are celebrating the huge shift in dentistry with the discovery of fluoride and its effects on teeth. This was the first leap into the preventive nature of dentistry, and the beginning of many advances that makes each visit to a dentist office fun and beneficial for children.

This month, take the time to teach your children the importance of preventative oral hygiene, regular dental care, and help them take pride in their dental health.

How You Can Be Involved

Some ways you can do this in the month of February:

– Help your kids find fun ways to maintain oral hygiene! Buy a fun toothbrush or game to encourage their investment in their oral health!
– Make an appointment with a dentist for regular dental cleanings and exams.
– Help your kids build healthy eating habits that will encourage good oral health.
– Talk to your child’s dentist about how to ensure a healthy level of fluoride that will support strong healthy teeth.
– Be a good example to kids in your life by showing them how you maintain good self care for your teeth and mouth!

Finally, if you’re looking for the perfect place to introduce your child to healthy habits for dental health, call our Fort Worth, Weatherford, Granbury, Azle or Aledo dental offices and make an appointment, we would be glad to assist you in establishing a healthy beginning for you and your children’s dental health!