Do you recall visits from the Tooth Fairy as a child? Children are often so excited about losing a tooth, because they know a visit from the Tooth Fairy is imminent. Traditionally, the Tooth Fairy takes children’s lost teeth from under their pillows as they sleep, replacing it with money. Some children even have special boxes, pillows, or stuffed animals designed to keep the tooth safe while it awaits its collection from our fictional flying friend.

Although the Tooth Fairy is relatively new to human traditions, people from all cultures have been celebrating or commemorating the loss of children’s baby teeth for centuries, according to The Salon. Some ancient cultures would bury, hide, or even burn the lost teeth as part of a cultural ritual. And although her exact origins are unknown, she is a common figure in well over 90 percent of American households, according to one survey.

Whatever traditions you hold, the loss of a child’s baby teeth is an important milestone. It’s one small step closer to adulthood and independence. And, as many children have proven in these hilarious and adorable letters to the Tooth Fairy, they are more than up to the task:

A few favorites from Buzzfeed:

Dear Tooth Fairy,
Please don’t take any of my teeth because I love them all and if you can give my all the others back pretty please. But you can still give me money still.
To: Tooth Fairy
From: Hailey

To Tooth Fairy,
Dear Tooth Fairy I lost my tooth yesterday, but I didn’t put it under my pillow because Christmas Eve was tomorrow so I saved it so Santa and you could meet each other. That’s why. And now it’s Christmas Eve. Now you and Santa will meet each other.
Love Allister

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I can’t find the thing I put my tooth in so I’ll have to do without. Anyway here is a 15c for working very hard and instead of you giving me money I give you it.
P.S. My tooth is a little brown from the blood.

More cute letters from Babble:

Dear Tooth Fairy:
I have just lost my 11th tooth. I have been working on it all morning! Sorry it has been so long since I lost a tooth. I have been doing a lot of busy stuff this year.
Your fairy loving friend,

Dear Tooth Fairy,
The tooth is outside. Please don’t come inside. Thank you because Lucy is scared of you.

And finally, from POPSUGAR Moms:

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I lost my tooth on the 23rd of October. It is now the 12th of November. I lost my tooth in pizza. I lost both today.  You owe me $1. Not to be hard, but I need money.

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I lost my tooth, so it will not be under my pillow tonight. I do not take credit cards.

If you have young children at home, celebrate the loss of their teeth in whatever way you like! And to help them keep those adult teeth healthy for life, teach them good brushing and flossing habits now – and take them to the dentist twice a year for exams and cleanings. Good dental health is the gift that keeps on giving – long after that Tooth fairy money has been spent.
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