We all want a bright smile that expresses all of who we are. One place to begin to cultivate that, is to improve oral hygiene. It can be a simple and easy way to cultivate a truly beautiful smile.

Wait A Little Before You Brush

Brushing immediately after eating sugary, sticky, or acidic foods seems intuitive, but it is actually harmful, as these substances can be abrasive to enamel, or soften enamel. Waiting to brush can actually protect enamel from further damage, making your brushing more effective at protecting your teeth. Drink water right after eating or drinking an acidic, sticky, or sugary substance, and follow up with brushing an hour later.

Have an Arsenal of Approaches

Don’t just brush your teeth. Consider buying a mouthwash that will support your oral hygiene efforts, and don’t be afraid to ask your dentist for input on what might be best for your situation and needs. Also, sugar free gums in between meals when toothbrushing isn’t handy (like before a meeting or interview) won’t replace toothbrushing, but can improve oral hygiene when the alternative is doing nothing instead.

Keep Your Tools in Good Shape

Replacing a toothbrush regularly is one way to ensure it is cleaning well! But consider investing in a better toothbrush, such as an electronic model that may help you brush more consistently and effectively. Also consider what kind of floss you prefer, and whether it can make your flossing routine easier and more enjoyable. This can improve your oral hygiene and make the experience more enjoyable.

Eat and Drink Well

Making small switches in your diet to support your oral health is an investment in you! Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, cheese, and avoid sticky or crumbly foods that may stick to teeth or in small hard to reach areas. Avoid drinking damaging drinks like energy drinks, soda, or fruit juices, and reach for the water instead. The more water you drink, the more it will impact your dental health, and you may even find other benefits as well!

Get Regular Dental Cleanings

You don’t have to do this alone! Our staff are ready and happy to help you figure out what solutions will best fit your needs. We are full of tips and tricks that can benefit you!

Call our Fort Worth, Weatherford, Granbury, Azle or Aledo dental offices to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.