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“Great dentist!!! Had some issues with a tooth and was having trouble getting my prior dentist to address it in a timely manner. Archstone was able to get me in quickly and get the issue resolved. They gave me a treatment plan that worked and was significantly cheaper than my previous doctor. . .”
Matt M.

If you wear removable dentures that drive you nuts, an All-on-4 permanently anchored bridge may help.

At Archstone Dental & Orthodontics, we get it. Dentures can be extremely hard to get used to and can even be unbearably painful to wear. Some patients get so frustrated and feel so hopeless that they end up putting their dentures in a drawer and don’t wear them at all.

With All-on-4, you can say goodbye to:

  • ill-fitting and painful dentures that slip and slide around
  • speech changes due to bulky acrylic
  • chewing difficulties
  • irreversible bone loss
  • an unnatural look

All-on-4 allows you to have permanent, natural-looking teeth, fixed in place by only four dental implants. And, the entire procedure can be performed right here at Archstone Dental & Orthodontics.

Don’t suffer with dentures that don’t work for you. You deserve relief. To learn more about All-on-4 and to see if you’re an ideal candidate, call us to schedule a consultation.