If you have chipped or stained teeth and would like to permanently improve your smile without a painful process, Lumineers might be for you. Lumineers are an alternative to traditional veneers. Vereers provide a way to hide stains, chips, and discolorations by covering your actual teeth with a permanent layer of tooth colored material.

Because Lumineers are as thin as a contact lens, the application requires little to no tooth reduction, and no anesthetic is required. Lumineers are bonded and set to your teeth with a curing light. Since the process is less invasive than traditional veneers, Lumineers patients find that they can immediately enjoy their new smiles without any post-procedure sensitivity.

Cerinate®, the company that makes Lumineers, offers a five-year warranty on its veneers, and their clinical trials show that Lumineers can last up to 20 years.

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